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Max Cruise Marine Catamaran & Trimaran Models

Based in Vietnam, Max Cruise Marine catamarans and trimarans are designed to combine cutting-edge technology with innovative design to offer the best of both worlds: performance and comfort. Their boats and 3D Modular (3DM) moulded components are Naval Architect Designed and constructed using CNC technology to exacting standards.

Max Cruise Marine boats only use a ‘Closed Moulding’ process (resin infusion) to produce quality-controlled laminates using vinyl-ester & polyester resins where applicable with PVC – closed cell (CL) foam cores & stitched e-glass fibre reinforcements (balsa cores are NOT used). All ‘below waterline’ surfaces are finished with an epoxy barrier coat & antifouling.

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Max Cruise Marine Certification International Standards

Boat Models

Confidence in Quality | Workmanship you can Trust

Max Cruise Marine are dedicated to providing cutting edge design catamarans and trimarans that meet international standards for safety – CE Certification. Providing an ideal blend of performance, speed, safety, and the comforts you look for in a vessel.

Boat Models

Certified European Certification (CE Certification)

CE Certification is widely recognised as a benchmark marine standard for production boats, their designs, components and equipment. It is also a requirement for all recreational boats entering or for sale in the European Union.

All boats completed by Max Cruise Marine have CE A Certification, while 3DM component kit boats will not have Certification. Should you wish to attain a CE Certification for your 3DM component kit catamaran, it will need to be assessed and issued by an IMCI (International Marine Certification Institute) approved Surveyor. Reefscape Marine can assist you with CE Certification.

Boat Models

Equipment Manual, Instructions
& Warranty

A vessel equipment manual including the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is supplied with every Max Cruise Marine completed catamaran or trimaran, and easy to use assembly and bonding instructions are included with 3DM boat kits, with technical backup available if required.

All Max Cruise Marine built boats are supplied with a one year builders’ warranty.

Love a challenge? Build your own catamaran with our 3DM boat kit

Technical Information Catamaran & Trimaran Core Materials


Foam Core Properties & Applications

While core shear stiffness and strength are paramount in sandwich construction, other properties are also important. Compression strength is needed to withstand localized loads such as dropping an anchor on a deck or resting a craft on trailer mounts. Graphs in Figures 4 compare different foam core materials in shear and compressive strength.



This foam is based on a thermoplastic PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and crosslinked (or highly bonded) thermoset polyurea, or for short, a crosslinked PVC (ex. Divinycell, Klegecell, Airlite). This foam provides higher strength/stiffness in both static and dynamic situations, good temperature stability up to 180 deg F, good fatigue resistance, and a closed cell structure for low resin/water absorption. Crosslinked PVC’s are typically used in decks, superstructures, hull bottoms and sides, bulkheads, and transoms.

Foam vs. Balsa Wood & Honeycomb

Balsa wood and more commonly plywood have been used extensively in boat construction for many years. While these materials provide excellent compression and stiffness properties for a relatively low cost, they can be heavy, susceptible to water absorption, and will eventually rot. Foam cores can be much lighter, fungi resistant, and do not absorb water or any other fluids encountered in a marine environment. There is also evidence that foam cores have better fatigue resistance than balsa wood. Laminates made with foam cores can last longer and weigh less than wood cored laminates while producing adequate physical properties.

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The Advantages of 3D Modular (3DM) Moulded Components

Efficiency of Design

All 3DM components of Max Cruise Marine catamaran and trimaran designs are resin-infused to exacting standards – which generally provides superior laminates and reduced weight.

Instruction & Technical Support

Clear and easy-to-use instructions are provided and technical backup is available as and when required. Max Cruise Marine and Reefscape Marine are proud to offer you step-by-step sales support to ensure you enjoy the greatest use of your catamaran / trimaran.

Health & Safety

Max Cruise Marine designs use vinyl-ester and polyester resins, which are known to be less toxic than epoxy resins used in other kit boats. However, it must be emphasised that all Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fumes and dust are considered health risks to humans and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be correctly worn.

Cost-Effective Production

A precise design and manufacture process enables significant reductions in build times, labour, build space costs (such as rent) and reduced wastage of consumables in comparison to other kit boats. The key advantage to our clients? High quality vessels that offer affordability with the luxury of innovative design and options to customise the boat to your exacting requirements.


Greater resale value as all components of kit boats
are quality controlled when manufactured by Max Cruise Marine.

Boat Models

DIY 3DM Build Times

Time to build 3DM to completed 42SC exterior

Professional yard (4-5 weeks)
Home builder with 3 people (8 weeks)

Ready to find out more about affordability of the Max42SC?

3DM Component Assembly Gallery

7 setting out board frames_Reefscape Marine

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The 3DM Supply Includes:

Hull modules 3D moulded
Deck modules 3D moulded
Cabin Top modules 3D moulded
Cockpit benches 3D moulded
Fore beam and catwalk ('longeron') 3D
Rudder halves 3D moulded
Bulkheads 2D
Furniture 2D
Assembly drawings
Technical drawings

All 3D modules are Vinyl-ester infused with a structural foam core with Gelcoat exterior. 

All 2D panels are Vinyl-ester infused with a structural foam core.

Current catamaran models not what you’re looking for?

Max Cruise Marine are currently expanding their range of catamarans to include 35 and 55 feet models.


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