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Max44PC Power Catamaran

The Max Cruise Marine 44 ft luxury power catamaran is a lifestyle and adventure investment that opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Think luxury leisure cruises and extended holidays, the exploration of local and international coastlines – your imagination is the limit when it comes to making the most of life with a power catamaran at your fingertips.

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Power Catamaran Freedom, Leisure & Flexibility

44 foot Power Cat Boats

An ideal choice for your live aboard ocean adventures, power catamarans offer spaciousness and easy handling, without the physical demands of sailing rigs – especially suitable for those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. The Max Cruise Marine 44 ft power cat is designed for easy handling, and offers a variety of options of equipment and finishes.

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About the Max44PC Max Cruise Marine Power Catamaran

Ideal Size

Max44PC power catamarans are the perfect size for a cruising couple, and have the capacity to provide adequate accommodation for guests.

Smooth Handling

The 44 ft power catamaran is easy to handle, offering cruising comfort with respectable performance and economy.

Easy to Maintain

Internal and external finishes are easy to clean and maintain, and equipment and engines are fully accessible.


The Max44PC uses quality equipment and fittings, and clients have the ability to make customised choices of various options and equipment.

Layout & Interior Options

The 44PC power catamaran is available in 2/3 and 4 cabin layouts, and 2 heads/showers. There is also some flexibility available with Salon Cabin general arrangements.

Structural Integrity

The use of 3DM components in accommodation areas (hulls and cabins) adds structural integrity to hull strength.

Build Times

Max44PC build timeframes are currently at approximately 5-6 months, with building slots now being pre-booked for some months ahead.

Quality Assurance

Every boat completed by Max Cruise Marine undertakes full sea trials and commissioning before shipping from Vietnam.

Navigation Equipment

Manufacturer options are also available.


the 44PC has a purpose-designed power catamaran hull with ‘canoe-sterns’ and without ‘rocker’. ‘Fly Bridge’ or raised helm options are available, as are the owner’s choice of power options.

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Max44PC Power Catamaran Specifications

Max 44 PC | Outboard Engines Specifications

LOA 13.4m
LWL 13.4m
BOA 7.3m
BWL 1.05m
Wing deck clearance 0.8m
Draft 0.6m
Beam to length ratio 12.8:1
Displacement 8400kg
Dry weight 5400kg
Payload 3000kg
Propulsion 2x 115-250HP outboard petrol engines
Outboards bigger than 25HP to be transom mounted

Max 44 PC | Inboard Diesel Specifications

LOA 13.4m
LWL 13.1m
BOA 7.3m
BWL 1.05m
Wing deck clearance 0.8m
Draft 0.6m
Beam to length ratio 12.8:1
Displacement 8400kg
Dry weight 5400kg
Payload 3000kg
Propulsion 2x 125HP-140HP Inboard diesels
Cruise speed 16-17 Knots
Top speed 23 Knots

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Power Cat Boats design

DIY 3DM Build Times

Time to build 3DM to completed 44PC exterior

Professional yard (4-5 weeks)
Home builder with 3 people (8 weeks)

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Current power catamaran models not what you’re looking for?

Max Cruise Marine are currently expanding their range of catamarans to include 35 and 55 feet models.


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